Do you really know enough about the bread machine?

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For those who like to eat bread or want to eat bread for a while, always go to the bakery or buy online, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also always worry about the addition of unhealthy "improver", pigment, margarine and other substances in the bread. . The emergence of the bread machine has largely eliminated these troubles.
Speaking of the bread machine, many people may respond to the first time that the bread is put in and then "snapped" to pop up. In fact, its exact name is called toaster, which is specially used to re-bake ready-made bread.
Speaking of the bread machine, many people may respond to the first time that the bread is put in and then "snapped" to pop up. In fact, its exact name is called toaster, which is specially used to re-bake ready-made bread.
The bread machine to be mentioned below is our own choice of ingredients to make bread. So what is the difference between it and the same oven used for baking? Do you need to buy it yourself? How to choose? Xiaobian will come to give you an analysis.
First, the difference between the bread machine and the oven
1, the scope of use and convenience:
Bread machine: It is suitable for all kinds of sliced ​​breads that we eat in our daily life. Nowadays, with the upgrade of technology, it can also be used to make jams. It is convenient to operate, and the ingredients can be put into waiting.
Oven: Meat, vegetables, and pastries can be used. However, if you want to make bread, you need to do your own work in the early stage of plastic surgery.
2, cleaning convenience:
Bread machine: Since the design of the inner liner is non-sticky, it is easy to clean and rinse with water.
Oven: If it is a pastry, it is more convenient to clean. If it is meat, it is prone to oil stains and it is more difficult to clean.
3, the overall cost performance:
Bread machine: The main advantage is that it saves time and effort, but it is difficult to make a shape, so baking is less fun.
Oven: Pay more attention to its own hands-on operation and DIY ability, with high professionalism and wide application range.
Second, determine whether you need a bread machine
After understanding the difference between the breadmaker and the oven, we can consider the following aspects for ourselves if we need to buy a bread machine.
1. Baking interest:
If you are just interested in baking, it is not recommended to buy a bread machine, the oven will be more suitable. Because if you lose interest in baking, the oven can be used to do other things, or as an idle cabinet;
If you have fallen in love with baking, the bread machine has the ability to efficiently perform kneading and fermentation operations, with low noise and easy cleaning.
2, love to eat bread, often as a staple food:
You can buy a bread machine, but you need to pay attention to the style of the reservation function (the mainstream bread machine in the market). In this way, you only need to weigh the raw materials into the bucket before going to sleep, and you can taste the freshly baked bread after getting up.
3, new home decoration shopping:
When you want to buy something at home renovation, the goal is not clear, then it is not recommended to buy. In most cases, the brain is hot, but it is not used after purchase.
Third, how to choose a bread machine
For the purchase of the bread machine, the most important focus is on its blending, fermentation and baking effects.
1, and the surface: the stirring piece and the motor
The stirring piece is divided into a single piece and a double piece. The single piece is simple and easy to clean, but the stirring force is not enough, and the dead corner is easy to remain when the surface is clean; and the double piece is more efficient, and the disadvantage is that the cleaning is troublesome. In addition to this, the motor determines the service life of the machine. If it is used frequently (more than three times a week), it is recommended to choose a slightly higher price.
2, fermentation: automatic addition of yeast time
The fermentation of bread is mainly to see the yeast powder input and rest time, not too early or too late. Nowadays, the automatic input technology of bread makers is mature, so the difference is not big.
3, baking: heating tube and liner
Most of the products between the mainstream price of 300-600 yuan have only one heating tube, and there are two heating tubes above the slightly expensive or thousands of yuan. Usually the bread of two heating tubes is heated more evenly when baked, but it is not absolute, because the thickness of the liner also plays a role.
Try to choose a thicker liner. Because the higher thickness of the liner brings more uniform heating, longer service life and more excellent energy saving indicators.
4. Other: volume and appearance
In terms of volume, it is recommended that you buy a 500g volume. Generally, a family of three and a small couple are enough. If the demand is large, then 1000g is enough.
Appearance, because the bread machine produces high heat, theoretically, the steel casing is more durable than the plastic casing, but there are many plastic casings at present, so if there are conditions, the steel casing can be selected.
The above is the small section for everyone to sum up the purchase of bread science, how to help you a little. If you like to eat bread and want to save trouble, go buy the bread machine.