What is the difference between a bread machine and an oven? Which toast is better to tell you now!

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With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more types of kitchen appliances, and more and more ovens and bread makers are used. Many friends like to make bread at home, and he will hesitate to choose which bread to make when choosing. Let me tell you now what is the difference between the two.
1, the bread machine can only be used to make bread, the function is relatively simple, can not make other cakes.
2, the oven can not only make bread, but also can make pizza, egg tarts, biscuits, and even roast chicken.
3, the bread machine can be set and dough, fermentation, function and other automatic processes, the process of making bread is very simple and convenient, and the success rate is very high.
4, the oven to make bread needs to face, wake up and plastic, and then baked, you need to prepare additional tools, such as molds, mixers, etc., not only the production process is cumbersome, the production technology requirements are also relatively high.
5, the bread machine is generally used by the family, simple operation can save trouble and make bread.
6, the oven has a home oven and commercial use, for friends who like to cook, you can choose the oven to make a variety of bread. The oven has a fire. Different breads need different fires to be baked. The breads with different temperatures will be different. It requires a certain amount of experience and skill to make good bread.
The final choice of which machine to use to bake bread depends on the preference. If you prefer a simple choice of bread machine, you can meet your daily needs. If you prefer to make your own pastry, it is recommended to choose an oven.