How to make a loose soft bread with a bread machine?

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For modern lazy people, the first principle of doing housework is to try to make the machine work as much as possible. Every morning, you will have to worry about what to eat, and if you save trouble, you can make a delicious breakfast quickly. No, we have a bread machine and a perfect solution for making bread, so we can make delicious breakfast bread.
Making bread, it takes about 11 minutes for the labor: How to use the bread machine to make soft bread? Here are two production steps.
Brief production steps: 1, weigh the various ingredients, throw the bread into the bread machine without order, except for butter yeast - 5 minutes. 2, the machine automatically works "dough mixing" program - -30 minutes, the program only stirs and does not heat the fermentation. 3, take out the bread bucket in the summer, cover the plastic wrap and throw the refrigerator; in the winter, the south room temperature is low, put it there without tube. 4. Take out the bread bucket, wrap the cold butter block with cold dough, and put it in the corner of the bucket. If you want to add dried fruit, mix the unsoaked fruit in the dough. Put the yeast in the other corner of the bucket, put a little dry flour between the yeast and the dough to prevent the dough from getting in the yeast. Note that there is no water in the barrel of the yeast to prevent the yeast from fermenting in advance, which takes 5 minutes. 5, set the bread machine appointment time, the firepower is the smallest, the time takes one minute and one minute. 6, the bread machine is also the next morning to get up, the bread machine off 10 minutes in advance, so as not to be too thick bread, take out the bread to dry and slice, and then hot to eat.
Detailed production steps: Author:
It is necessary to start with the materials, and use high-gluten flour, fine sugar, and bread-resistant high-sugar yeast. Because the high-gluten flour is made of bread, the medium-gluten flour is made of steamed bread, and the low-gluten flour is made of biscuits. Don't choose the wrong flour. The special high-sugar-resistant yeast for bread fermentation is very effective and fast, which can reduce the lack of fermentation caused by the short fermentation time of the bread machine.
2, the order of feeding in the bread barrel is: liquid (water, milk, eggs, oil and other wet materials) - seasonings (sugar, salt, milk powder, etc.) - flour (covering all the materials in front) - yeast. Salt and yeast must not be touched.
3, usually start the "揉面" function 揉 20-30 minutes (in the summer can reduce the time 揉 10-15 minutes), and then start the automatic bread machine program, which helps the dough to better film. Sometimes, for the sake of convenience, the formula of the soup method can also be neglected. The procedure of automatically starting the bread machine can also be made into a soft loaf of brushed.
4, baking 500 grams of bread to choose the program weight of 700 grams, burned color to choose a light color, so that the dough will be more fully fermented to avoid baking too dark.
5, the automatic program ends 5-10 minutes before the shutdown, remove the bread, can prevent the bread skin is too thick, too dark. In addition, when the bread is dried to a warm state, it is covered with a layer of plastic wrap, which will not dry and become hard after being completely cooled.
6, the direct method of bread with a one-button bread to make a recipe, must choose a large amount of water, the taste will be more soft. The bread made with the soup method will be more perfect.
7, the summer temperature is higher, the dough is stirred in the machine due to friction heat temperature will rise, thus affecting the quality of the dough. It is best to use ice water (ice milk) to adjust the temperature of the dough. The water at room temperature is added to the temperature of the barrel, and the use of the bread machine in summer can easily break the ribs!
8. Put the bread machine liner into the refrigerator for two or three hours before the summer noodles. If the time is tight, freezing the freezer for half an hour can also effectively reduce the temperature of the bread barrel.
9. In addition, if it is a single-tube bread machine, the outside of the barrel can be covered with tin foil to choose dark baking. If it is a double-tube bread machine, you can choose not to pack but choose light-colored baking.
Note: The operation process must be very familiar and then go to the bread! Otherwise it will fail. There are also ways to make bread of various flavors, such as lemon flavor, cranberry flavor, grape flavor, etc. Of course, if you are interested, your personal taste is also good. By the way, there is also the choice of measuring instruments, so be sure to be accurate.